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Talk:Disney Digital 3-D – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
If you wear one pair of 3D glasses and then hold up the second pair in front of you, you usually can see that one of the lens is darken. It's terrible when they try to do color movies with it like Spy Kids 3D etc. or with TV. … Read Article

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The World Of 3D Television
Sky Sky is set to launch a 3D TV service over the next few years. They believe that they will be able to send 3D TV images straight to the Sky+HD set Follow the link to learn more about which 3D glasses are the best and why: http://3droundup.com/2009/01/shades-of-glory/ Follow the link to learn more … Read Full Source

Jackass 3D – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
On August 5, 2010, the official trailer premiered on channels owned by Viacom, such as MTV, VH1, and Spike TV. With the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and the limited edition two-disc DVD pack, the second disc includes the 3D version of the movie (four pairs of glasses were provided). … Read Article

3D TV3D TV Sets
If you want to watch Blu-ray movies in 3D, you'll also have to shell out for a 3D Blu-ray player. So, folks who want to get the best possible 3D experience are looking at a new TV, new Blu-ray player and several sets of glasses (which may or may not come with the TV). … Read Article

Lenticular Printing – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Lenticular arrays are also used for 3D television (autostereoscopic, enabling the 3D perception without glasses), and number of prototypes have been shown in 2009 2010 by major companies such as Philips and LG. … Read Article

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'Act Of Valor' And Google Glasses: The Future Of Movies And Reality TV
"Act of Valor" just opened. An amazing combination of technology made the creation of this movie possible on an incredibly low budget, and much of this technology is available to you. In fact, the movie was created mostly with tools you could have in your home. Also last week, Google leaked its augmented-reality glasses. Weaving these two events together gives us a glimpse of the future of … Read News

CES Samsung Shows 3D LCD Display With No glasses Needed …
Http://gamerlive.tv Samsung's LCD VP shows us its new 3D LCD Displays at CES 2010 including one 3D display that requires no glasses to see the 3D. … View Video

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